Tower Insurance

Need Insurance Cover? Try Tower Insurance

Life is full of unexpected occurrences which have significant impacts on our lives as well as livelihoods. For this reason insurance cover is a necessity rather than a luxury. Finding a reliable company that offers adequate insurance services is a modern day challenge given that many such companies are unable to meet their obligations mainly due to undervaluing or are simply prone to collapsing.

Therefore, to avoid such problems, I would advise one to settle for Tower insurance company. This is an American based company which offers a wide range of financial services and has specialized in providing insurance benefits. The company’s activities involve specialty business, insurance brokerage and insurance services. There are several reasons as to why I would advocate for this particular company.

Tower Insurance reviews

The most reliable way in getting an unbiased review about a company is through the experience of both former and current employees. According to a former underwriter at the firm, the management is described as “supportive” and “family friendly”, while the vice president lauds it for having nice office locations which are convenient for the clients and employees as well. The employees are generally optimistic about the future prospects of the company which majority described as a small but growing firm. The management is also under constant advice to tap the top brains which are continually joining the insurance industry. However, being a human entity means imperfections exist. This includes unfair promotions, unnecessary expenditure on foreign trips as well as long working hours. The management however argues that some of the issues brought up come as a result of trying to satisfy consumer welfare to the maximum but they gave the promise of also ensuring that employee welfare is enhanced.

Tower Insurance Company rating

Prominent company rating institutions are used to determine the company’s ratings. These institutions analyze just how much clients are satisfied by the various policies of the firm .One tower insurance ratings institutions is A.M. Best Company which is widely used in the American corporate world in rating firms. The institution placed under review the financial strength rating of “excellent” of the Tower company pool. This review is mainly based on the fact that the tower insurance company postponed the announcement of its financial results for the second quarter of the year 2013.The ratings also take into account the effects on reserves as well as uncertainty created regarding the future charges on reserves. The negative effects suggest that the ratings could be revised upwards or downwards depending on the outcome of discussions between the reviewing company and the Tower inc’s top brass.

Tower Insurance company claims

The tower insurance company has a strong tradition of defending its legitimate policyholders from fraudulent claims which has become a norm rather than the exception in the insurance field. It has professionals specifically trained to deal with claims and they have a reputation of providing quick, fair and valuable feedback. This has the advantage of significantly reducing future claims as well as ensuring that the insurance costs experience a negative growth only.